School is Back in Session!

And with it being back-to-school time, do you know the school bus traffic laws & when to stop for a school bus?
"In Louisiana, school buses are legally required to have visual signs and signals that, when activated, alert drivers that they must stop before reaching, overtaking or passing the school bus. These signals usually take the form of a "STOP" sign and flashing red lights. They are activated when the bus stops for the loading/unloading of students. According to Louisiana law RS 32:80, when those signals are activated (the signs are out or those lights are flashing) it's time to stop, under the following circumstances:
You must always stop for any loading/unloading school bus you approach if you are traveling in the same direction. This applies no matter how many lanes the highway has.
(Use the above image as a visual aid.)
If you are approaching the school bus head-to-head, as part of oncoming traffic, then you are legally required to stop if you are on:
A) a two lane highway
B) a three lane highway, with the center lane being a designated turn lane
C) a four lane highway, with no center designated turn lane

You are NOT legally required to stop if you are on:

D) a divided highway, with lanes separated by a median or physical divider

E) a highway with at least two lanes of travel in each direction, with an additional center lane that's designated as a turn lane."

For more, read the full article HERE

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