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Accidents can be a major source of distress and amount to a massive financial burden, but there are several steps you can take after a terrible collision. You have to collect a variety of information and make sure you contact your insurance company, the police, your doctor, and your lawyer when dealing with a personal injury case. You will have a strong argument for a settlement through the help of your lawyer when you have many forms of documentation and reports in your favor. 

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Working With Personal Injury Lawyers

A personal injury lawyer is a helping hand that will guide you through the process when you get started with a settlement. 

What Do Personal Injury Lawyers Do?

A personal injury lawyer is very driven in providing evidence-based information to raise your settlement amount to a fair price when they are on your case. The personal injury lawyer will organize the data you provided, review similar civil cases that worked in favor of a higher settlement and prepare the argument for a resolution between parties. If no negotiation is made, they will fight for fair compensation in court while presenting the details of the accident. 

Highlights they might underline are the emotional distress you experienced from the injury, as well as high medical costs. The lawyer has to prove that the other driver was negligent and careless, and that they performed a wrong action of some kind which ended in this unfortunate result. Lawyers file a lot of paperwork and keep everything documented, with well-detailed records of the case. It is their job to properly communicate on your behalf so that your story is heard. 

Steps for the Plaintiff to Take

It is important to collect information from the scene of the accident as you work together as a team with your lawyer. Items that should be collected are photographs of the vehicle collisions, information from the other driver(s), and insurance company information. Additional information that is important includes all medical bills, pharmaceutical costs, and physical therapy fees. This is because injuries sustained by the accident have to be noted by the doctor after a consultation. The last bit of information you should provide is a police report to help further your cause. With all of this in tow, there are no holes or missing areas of information that prevent you from having a solid argument and just cause for a well-compensated solution. 

You Don’t Always Go To Court

The lawyer may be able to work with the other party’s insurance company to come to a resolution before a court case is filed. This may not be the insurance company’s goal, as they are trying their best to mitigate their losses and keep costs down. They may even approach the victim with an offer to prevent a court case from being filed. If the insurance company is unable to come to an agreement about a fair settlement amount, then the lawyer will bring the case to court. It is highly discouraged to take cash amounts at the scene of the accident, and it is recommended to never accept this type of compensation when damages amount to far more.  

How Do Settlement Amounts Increase

Some settlement awards can exceed over $1 million, but this isn’t a normal scenario. If an accident caused the death of a passenger, or the family has to bury the driver, these costs and the emotional impacts would be included in the price of the settlement. This is because the grief of the death, in addition to the price for a coffin and ceremony, all are costly. If the driver requires surgery, lost income, and had a loss of functionality, this will also increase the amount of the award. Non-tangible damages such as emotional grief, shame, and depression can more than triple the amount of the settlement as these types of damages can destroy the wellbeing of the driver. 

Seeking Help for a Personal Injury Case

When you are ready to start filing a claim, speak with a dedicated lawyer who can help you come to a just resolution. Contact us for a free consultation. A professional team can review your case and let you know how much settlement you can possibly receive in your particular scenario. 


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