Bicycle Accidents

New Orleans is becoming more and more bike-friendly, but that doesn’t mean all drivers are aware or looking out for bicyclists. We are seeing more bicycle accidents than ever before and while the city is trying to make the rules of the road more conducive to bicyclist, our narrow streets and increasing amount of bicycles on the road raise the risk of a collision.
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Common Bicycle Accident Injuries
Bicyclists have little room for error when they share the road with motorized vehicles. When a car strikes a bicycle, the rider can endure injuries such as:
•   Concussions
•   Severe back injuries
•   Broken bones
•   Compound fractures
•   Head injuries
•   Broken hips
•   Traumatic brain injuries
•   Spinal cord injuries
Given New Orleans’s status as a tourist destination, injured bicyclists may hail from another state or even another country. If you’re from out of town, or local, and have been injured in a bicycle accident, New Orleans bicycle accident lawyer James B. Guest can recommend an orthopedic specialist to properly assess the scope of your injuries and help you recover from the accident.
If you are the victim of a bicycle accident you may be entitled to damages for bike repairs, medical bills, lost income and pain and suffering. Call James B. Guest attorney at law to schedule your FREE initial consultation TODAY: (504) 466-8266.

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